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Janis is a certified Prenatal Massage Therapist. She has worked in the health field for more than two decades. She graduated as a California State Licensed Massage Therapist from The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in 2011. She then went on to complete in-depth training in prenatal massage therapy under Carole Osborne, considered to be one of the most comprehensive and rigorous pregnancy massage programs in the country.

In addition to training completed at PCOM, she then went on to study at the International Professional School of Body Work to further advance her skills in Deep Tissue Sculpting. Janis is also a certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist. She completed her certification with Klose Training (www.klosetraining.com) - the highest quality MLD education in the U.S. This is a powerful and profoundly relaxing technique which aids the body in removing excess fluid build-up which can create the swelling  during pregnancy and following any kind of surgery.  Janis also uses her Manual Lymphatic Draining expertise to support Oncology clients; using safe, gentle techniques to facilitate healing and recovery during and after treatment. This is especially helpful for those who have a compromised lymphatic system and are trying to avoid or manage lymphedema/swelling, as well as  maintain a healthy immune system. 

More than two decades  of studying and teaching a meditative, restorative style of yoga has enabled Janis to assist others in finding peace, self-awareness, and relief from pain.